Welcome to ThaBarWa

Welcome to ThaBarWa Centre.
ThaBarWa Centre is established with unlimited access for general benefit and is fulfilling the most crucial needs continually, persistently, dedicatedly, one by one ... the great needs of society, limitless wisdom and power sharing are being supplied one after another ...
ThaBarWa Centre opens 24 hours a day, seven days a week without recess...
It is the sanctuary which is fulfilling the requirements of the multitude and the world (loka) round-the-clock without attachment and craving...
It is the sanctuary for more than 2,400 yogis (as at February 2014) including aged persons, the sick, the infirm, the blind, the deaf, the disabled, psychiatric and mental cases, the homeless and helpless.

If you wish to come to our centre to practice vipassana insight meditation or do volunteering or donate cash and materials, kindly contact ThaBarWa Sayadaw U Ottamasara at mobile number 95-95085212.
Enjoy your stay and hope to see you again.

1 September 2014



Messenger News Journel
Vol. 5, No. 14
1st September 2014 issue ...

Which features the article on
selfless humanitarian

ThaBarWa Sayadaw Venerable U Ottamasara and
his selfless act of humanity at Thabarwa Center ...
his universal love, kindness, setana and metta to those
nearly 3,000 infirm, needy, poor and helpless individuals
who are currently seeking shelter at ThaBarWa Centre ...

(unfortunately, the article is written in Myanmar language ...)


"အဘိုုးအဖြားေတြ, သင္႔မိဘေတြ အိုုမင္းမစြမ္းေသာအခါ, သင္အိုုမင္းမစြမ္းေသာအခါ"

၃၁ ရက္ ၈လပိုုင္း ၂၀၁၄, Messenger News Journal မွာပါတဲ႔ သဘာ၀ရိပ္သာ အေၾကာင္း

Photos and newspaper cutting : courtesy of mommy Khin Myint, USA

31 August 2014

Poor and homeless in costly Yangon

Poor And Homeless In Costly Yangon

The Straits TimesFriday, Sep 13, 2013

A girl carrying a child and a bucket of water back to her bamboo house in the compound of a Buddhist monastery and meditation centre outside Yangon. More than 2,400 families have built shanties there.

What a surprise to discover the article on Mercy Village (established by ThaBarWa Sayadaw U Ottamasara) at AsiaOne website.

Please follow the link below to read the full article from the source …

Happy reading ...

The Link to the article :
Poor and homeless in costly Yangon